The items that you purchased on our eshop needs all your attention and care. Each product is different. Please use the indications of wash and care.


Leather is a living fabric. It responses to the environnement, the sun, water, humidity… It is essential to give it a perfect care, or it will be quickly deteriorated. Each piece of leather is unique, with its irregularities. That is also what makes its uniqueness. But be also careful of your type of leather so that you can proceed to the appropriate care.

Suede leather (goat, croute, …) :

It is necessary to waterproof your leather regularly, especialy if it is colored or it will fade on other clothes. Use a specific spray for your leather. Never use a cream on this type of leather.

Real bold leather (cow, …) :

Again, it is essential to waterproff your item in leather. To wash it, you can use a soft rag.

Soft leather (lambskin, …) :

Pease prefer soft cream for this type of leather. Use a soft rag to let the cream penetrate. Never use wax.

Perfecto Amalfi Perfecto Camille
Blouse Charlie Short Ravello
Perfecto Amalfi Blouse Alex


Silk is a delicate and natural fabric. To keep it longer, please do not use water on it especially during iron. Never keep it near the sun or it will fade. To wash it, use a specific soap for silk and let it soak in cold water. Rinse it with cold water. Never spin it so use a dry towel. When you iron, use an adequate program and iron on the inside-out.


Wool is one of the most favorite fabrics during winter. It keeps the warmth and it is truly soft when used with good care. That is also why LOUIE selects for you wool with an high percentage of real wool. To keep it long and embellish it, you can wash machine it with cold water and few soap, or wash it by hand with a specific wool soap.You must be sure to rinse it properly. It is also better to let your item in wool dry in free air, in a dry towel, without spinning it.

Blouse Alex Perfecto Amalfi
Blouse Charlie Blouse Charlie


All of those fabrics are made of natural wood fibers (eucalyptus, bamboo, etc…). They are biodegradable. Also, they are truly strong, crease-resistent and easy to take care. You can wash machine them, use dry machine or iron, with the appropriate program. It is in LOUIE’s beliefs to prefer those eco-friendly fabrics.


To conserve it longer, please tidy your bag properly, never near sunlight. For your leather bag, it is essential to waterproof it and to take care using the specific product for its type of leather. Also, be sure to dry your bag if its in contact wih water.

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