LOUIE is a ready to wear fashion house based in Paris, France, and is the contrivance of Charlotte Couture and Anthony Teyssier. LOUIE invokes the designers’ travels abroad, souvenirs and their fondest memories, ultimately revealing a quintessential sensory experience.

Each collection transcribes a true story and invites you to interpret the experience through the 5 senses. LOUIE aims to appeal to your gaze, titillate your eyelids, envelope you in a luscious fragrance, perhaps even make you shiver a bit, all in the hopes of moving you and allowing you to step into their universe.

LOUIE, imagine a silhouette that is both sober and uninhibited, with precise yet surprising details that define the collection. Our ambition is to offer you a complete and timeless wardrobe that is composed of classic pieces along with various unique and more engaging creations, all to be worn throughout the day or chosen for specific occasions. LOUIE is a call to self-identify as feminine and androgynous, simple yet assuming, as having an ounce of humor and plenty of emotions : an essential Parisian yet also terribly international sense of style, adapted to each personality.


Since we wish to create quality clothing pieces at the best price possible, we have decided to produce in small workshops rather than in large factories. This means that pieces A to Z are created under one roof, allowing us to ensure the highest care for our creations, as well as executing high quality finishes and details. We possess the specific know-how for the quality of clothing we create as well as the materials that are used.

At LOUIE, we indulge in the privilege of using quality materials, such sheepskin leather and goat suede of French and Italian origins, as well as superb silks and wools or even ecofriendly fabrics such as tencel. We also create for you exclusive and unique prints. To take care of your products and fabrics LOUIE please visit our page Care and advices.


After being born in France, Charlotte Couture spent her childhood traveling the world alongside her parents. She cultivated experiences while residing in Morocco and Austria, as well as the breathtaking landscapes of French Polynesia. At the age of 17, she decidedly stepped into the fashion world by attending the Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris. Upon graduating in Spring of 2009, she continued to build her repertoire by working for several fashion houses, including Nina Ricci, Tara Jarmon and Cher Michel Klein. Her experiences ultimately led to the founding of her own house of fashion, LOUIE.

Anthony Teyssier, self-described as a true Lyonnais, was born and raised between the historic silk ateliers of Lyon, the vineyards of Crozes Hermitage, and couture shoe maker, Jourdan. Anthony grew up listening to the Stones, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Agoria, and during his university years he moved to California. There, he gained tremendous inspiration and formed several ties that he still holds dearly to this day. Anthony eventually left his Californication, returning to Paris in 2009 to pursue a career in Human Resources. It was then that he also began working privately on various design and fashion projects.

In 2014, Charlotte and Anthony’s paths crossed, and together they decided to give life to the Parisian Fashion House of LOUIE. Anthony, the pragmatic dreamer, brings true inventive strategy, which Charlotte, the creative epicurean, counters with her intricately woven stories. It is through their personal experiences and their common sensibility that Charlotte and Anthony would like to share a world of fashion where every ready-to-wear piece evokes a sentimental reaction.