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Etudes Studio: exercices

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Etudes Studio

Today we are going to talk about fashion.
But not just any kind of fashion.
A really exciting and surprising one which takes place in multiple support thanks to the work of Etudes Studio, a communal/community founded in 2012 by the French artist tandem Aurélien Arbet and Jérémy Egry.

A truly conceptual entity established as a research lab with great talent practicing on different artistic and graphic supports: fashion design, publishing house, product design, coaching and  consulting.
This unique and creative studio has succesfully achieved this difficult exercise to transmit its own identity through multiple languages.

Even though the clothes remain mostly dedicated to men, some items can really be described as unisex, simply because there are no rules in fashion and each one creates their own style.
And some even their own codes as Etudes Studio successfully proved us.

So I invite you to discover this amazing brand with their various creations, on a garment or even on the cover of a book!

Par Charlotte

Etudes Studio

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