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Color Berlin : acid architecture

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Matthias Heiderich is a young, self-taught photographer from Berlin who offers a unique and singular vision of the German capital.

I chose to devote the first article of this blog entirely on him because his art strongly defined LOUIE’s first collection entitled O, itself inspired by architecture. I happened upon this photographer accidently through the internet’s endless avenues. I was seduced by the surprising portrayal of different urban elements and moments of life, presented in a truly archictural and sharp plane.

When creating collection 0, I was also sontrgly influenced by the work of Gordon Matta Clark, of whom I will write of forthcoming (be patient, my dear readers), whose work I find best described as an anarchitectural deconstruction.

What these two artists share is the ability to create graphic arrays through entirely different means. One offers us precise ultra-anarchitecture, fantastic in black and white, while the other allows us to discover a vision of Berlin life and spatial constructions, ordered and structured, presented in a brightness and a certain pop of color, yet in an offset manner that is perfectly mastered.

Matthias Heiderich’s pictures are filled with the duality of lines and colors, between a concrete building and an infintely blue sky.

I personally recommend the series entitled Color Berlin for a journey through the heart of the German capital composed of avenues that are dreamlike in quality and filled with stunning colors.

The pictoral art of Matthias Heiderich creates a unity between the concrete and the fantastic that captivates and invites us to contemplate Berlin through entertaining, instinctive, and challenging performances.

I hope you enjoy discovering his creations and, please, do not hesitate to respond.

By Charlotte

Matthias Heiderich



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