Limited edition Spring-Summer 2017 – Memories of Amalfi

The Spring-Summer 2017 collection is inspired from the trip of Charlotte and Anthony to the amalfi coast in Italy.

This is the story of an escape to incredible and contrasted landscapes, vertiginous cliffs, surprising cities with a colorful and graphical architecture, perfumed with the scent of jasmine.
The collection is illuminated with a deep klein blue, an emerald green and a burst of powdered pink. The structured cuts coexists with geometrical yokes, enhanced by exceptional fabrics such as suede goat leather.

This collection invites you to discover the Amalfi experience through exclusive creations.

Permanent collection – The Essentials

A collection of a true essential wardrobe with precise and surprising details.

Inspired from the classical favorites of Charlotte and Anthony and their love for architecture, structured landscapes and fantastical
cinematographic references.

Our everyday basics are transformed into beautiful must-have. The white blouse in tencel is enhanced by marvellous pleats, the sophisticated black pant coexists with leather lamb yokes and even the perfecto, with its elementary zipper, can be turned into a cropped perfecto for your desire. A game of deconstruction and reconstruction.

This collection can accompany you every day, to any occasion, revealing singular details and a true elegance.


Last collection – Collection 0

Collection 0 is the result of merging the “anarchitectural” process of artist Gordon Matta-Clark with rigorous graphical representations, such as the work of photographer Matthias Hederich.

From black to white, through various shades of grey, the color palette is brightened by a luminous, solar yellow.
The structured and streamlined cuts coexist with strong geometrical yokes, sublimed by quality fabrics: genuine soft leather, silk, wool jersey. Elements, reinvented, drift from their original function in order to create subtle and unique details that give life to the entire collection: a shirt’s cuff become a pocket flap or a shoulder pad.

Collection 0 is radical, sensorial and graphical, timeless.